Friday, February 19, 2010

Rolling Thing

This is a concept drawing for a short animation idea I had where a giant rock would roll through the countryside slowly breaking away pieces until it was a film reel. Then film would start playing on it and so on.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Josh Tallo


Here is a picture I took on my new canon XTi. It is the first real camera I have owned. I am pretty excited about it. The last few posts of drawings were actually pictures taken on the XTi of the drawings. I used a tripod and a work light. It was a kind of makeshift animation stand. Probably scanning would have been as easy. I got some modeling of color from the lighting and I think it made the pictures look more gritty and real.
As far as the actual picture goes here is Josh Tallo shooting a film with a canon 5D. There is a good deal of lighting and smoke effects going on. Pretty sweet stuff. You can click on it for the larger version as always. To see the film he was shooting go visit "Beyond the Still" at PopcornIsland

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