Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Confusing Phone

I had a dream that I was still painting. I had a big job the following day but no one would tell me the address the night before. I had a few too many drinks and woke up late and hungover. Still without the address I had to follow someone else to the jobsite. They were driving too fast. I was groggy and out of it. I hit a cop. I blacked out.
When I woke up I had no idea how much time had passed. On top of that I did not have my cellphone. Being concerned about if I had missed the job I needed to make some calls. The new phone I found in my pocket was overly complicated. It unfolded with many screens and keyboards and even a little retractable mouse. It kind of looked like a stings of paperdolls when I unfolded all of the pieces.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Moving Days Moving Days

These are my last few days not living at PopcornIsland. I have even begun to move my stuff in. It will be exciting to get a lot more done here and have a cleaner and more organized environment to live and work.
Also it is exciting and scary because the rent is much more than I am used to, but i think that will be a good thing for now because it will push me to work much harder than I have had to in the past.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dobsonfly Larva

So I was camping and floating down a river in Southern Missouri. I was having a great time picking up rocks from the shallow river and looking at them.
Lots had deep holes in them and little bugs crawling around on them. It was a little creepy. One larger rock I found had a large hole and a big bug head sticking out of it. It had big scary pincers. The head was so big and interesting looking I thought I would get the entire bug out of the hole to see what the rest looked like. There was a thin strip of bark floating in the river I began to use it to try to pry the bug out. It clamped down on the bark and I could feel quite a bit of resistance as I pulled back. That was scary as well. The bark was too flimsy so I went into the woods and found a more ridged stick and got the bug out. I set it on top of my kayak. It again was very scary. I drew this picture from memory and later googled random things until I found out it was most likely a dobsonfly larva.