Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fire Dog

This a drew pretty quickly. The difference between this piece and orange lolly pop is that I used a photo for reference of a face in lollypop but this was all from my head. That is why it lacks a certain depth or realism. lolly pop was all clone stamped found textures and large strokes while this was done drawing lines using a wacom tablet. i feel i could have done a lot more with it if i took the time but it was more of just an experiment. The major goal was seeing if i could make a drawn looking image. I feel that it is comparable to what i could have achieved using colored pencils or paint besides the fact i was able to put my shadows and highlights on separate layers and have more control over going back to change them.
I think i could make some really nice freehand illustrations like this once i hone my traditional freehand drawing skill.
Medium: Photoshop
Time: around 2 hours

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I don't work out. I have never been to a gym.
I love mechanical things especially hinges and pulleys.
While ith a building my portfolio wide range of styles and samples I decided to make a home gym machine. My original idea was to make a very large complex home gym that looked ridiculous. As I began my project and started collecting reference pictures from the internet the image in my head of an exaggerated gym kept being surpassed by actual home gyms that were enormous and covered in dozens of arms and pulleys and seats. Two evenings into this project I got a little bored with the idea of adding on to the gym and also thought it might serve better as a portfolio piece if it looked as though it could be an actual gym.
This is a little nicer than some of my rendering work lighting wise.
I could have taken more time with the shaders/materials everything is just a slight variation of shiny gray.
Medium : Maya
Time : 2 evenings

Sunday, March 23, 2008

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Glowing Heart

Here is a Glowing heart with tons of aftereffects on it, So many so you can not see a majority of the work that went into it. SO for your enjoyment here are the texture adn ambient maps, they both tiled.
To tile means they repeat in any direction, like a tessellation .


Puzzle Fish


White House Black and White


So this is the white house from the post
white house
I did a little more work on the detail of the model and then ran an ambient occlusion pass. Then used some photos with film grain to make foreground and a sky. I was trying to make it look like a photo. I think the modeling needs more work. Maybe a nice bumpmap with subtle brickwork.
Again i would like to put some more time into this and make it a nice ecnough for a portfolio.

Candy Path with a New Sky


This is a picture formerly seen in the post candy Path.
I spent a little more time and re-rendered it. Plus added a sky That i made in photoshop, I might work more on it to try to get it to be a nice portfolio piece.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

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Monday, March 3, 2008

Candy Path

As you avid gutterbleed fans can tell this is the path and ground from
Magic Path
But I made some candy....
I am very proud of this. Especially the candy cane texture. I was going to do some grooves of bumpmap going up the length of the canes like you sometimes find. Maybe with some indent or even a subtle gap here or there when the colors change. I didn't want to over do it, or clutter the canes so I just played around with the shader a lot, sans bumpmap.

White House

This is a quick model of the white house.I think total time was a little under three hours. I am trying to be able to do architectural work more efficiently.
I made this in Maya
Considering how it is mostly rectangles I think I could have done it faster if I had focused on it harder, but sometimes I will play flash games and chat on AIM while I work. Oh well.


This character was inspired by Sin, a Sumerian-Babylonian Moon God. Usually depicted as an old man with a blue beard.
I would like to continue with the character and make an animation plus more wooden figures. He raised the marsh waters around the city of Ur to feed cattle in the area. Plus had a crescent shaped boat. I thought that the boat and cows would not only supply interesting subjects for sculpture for ideas the plot of an animation.
Here are two drawings. The first one i started as i flushed out the idea in my head of what he might look like. And the second is after I made a wooden figure.
Here is the Wooden Figure. The piece that has his nose and eyes on it can rotate 360 degrees it is pretty sweet. I would like todo a more detailed one with a soft beard and clothes.
And finally here is the CGI version. Overall I am not to0 happy with this picture but i got a good amount of practice at Maya while I made it. For one i eyeballed the proportions and shapes of the character from the wooden model. I played around with hair and fur tools with the beard and i lofted the ground from curves. besides that everything was pretty simple and straight forward. It still needs a lot of texture work and for a nice environment to be made for it.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Block Head Man Falls in Love

These drawings from my small sketch book look a lot more rough once i blow them up on the computer. Whatev Bev.
As you can tell this is a drawing of the man of wood in the previous post
I had been thinking for a while it would be a neat project/exercise to do a still life drawing and a Maya model to match it on a daily basis for a given period of time.
Now i was thinking it would be also interesting to throw wooden sculpture into the mix.
SO then on a daily basis i could be getting some good practice at Drawing/maya/woodworking. Plus sets of three are delightful.
Another plus would be, I have been thinking of making animations that feature characters that i create out of wood. And this project would archive a CGI replica of all my wood figures as they are created.
K bye.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Wooden Block Man


Here is a little freestanding man that I made earlier today out of scraps of wood left over from making bunny rabbits.